Kiri:Moto is designed to be embedded in or accessible through other web-based applications


Use the GridSpace OctoPrint plugin to spool jobs directly from Kiri:Moto to any printer on your local network


Kiri:Moto is available inside of Onshape as a web-app extension. Once installed through Onshape's App store, Kiri:Moto can be added as a tab (just like a Part Studio) inside of any document in which you have edit capabilities. In this mode, Kiri:Moto's import function is replaced to bring up Onshape's part dialog. This makes it easy to load parts directly for slicing without first having to export them.

Lychee Slicer

Kiri:Moto's FDM engine is used to power the FDM mode of Mango 3D's Lychee Slicer

Kiri:Moto is the slicing engine behind SimplyPrint's web-based printer management system.

Sienci's CAMLab

CAMLab is a fork of an earlier version of Kiri:Moto.


Like Onshape, Kiri:Moto is integrated as a native Thing-app into Thingiverse. As a user of Thingiverse, you can elect to have Kiri:Moto show up as a "way to open" a Thing file. This provides the convenience of directly accessing, slicing, and printing parts on Thingiverse without first having to download them and then re-import them into a slicer.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, Thingiverse Thing Apps are broken (again)

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