Grid.Space provides free, open-source, open-design applications and hardware for makers


Kiri:Moto is a unique browser-based slicer for 3D printing and a tool-path generator for CNC mills and laser cutters. It is completely free and open-source with a focus on privacy and ease-of-use. It is actively being developed and updated.

GridBot is an open-model, open-source, 3D printer for DIY enthusiasts.


GridBelt: an open-model belt-based 3D printer for continuous printing.

MetaMoto: this block-based modeling tool hasn't received updates in years. New WASM ports of the OpenCascade engine will be utilized in an upcoming refresh to this tool and also allow the addition of exciting new functionality.


High-quality, free, open, secure, and privacy-focused tools are critical to growing current and future generations of makers. These tools should work at the educational, STEM, and STEAM entry points and scale up to prosumer features.


These tools and projects are useful directly and immediately, but can also serve as teaching tools for design and coding. Any help with feature development, language translations, bug reporting, and more is welcome.

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