A Browser-Based Slicer for 3D FDM and SLA printing, CNC Milling, and Laser cutting

Available as a free, web-based application, Kiri:Moto offers a unique combination of maker-tools in a single, clean, fast interface. For an introduction or overview, check out this video.

Kiri:Moto is focused on privacy, performance, and ease-of-use.

Kiri:Moto has been in continuous development since 2013. It typically gets new development releases a few times a week and major releases every 4-8 weeks.

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Kiri:Moto is served free of ads, trackers, and any collection of personal data (PII). Don't trust that? You can also install and run it yourself from source.

Because Kiri:Moto runs in a browser's security sandbox, it does not have access to the personal and private data on your local hard drive the way installed desktop software does.

Kiri:Moto does all processing in the browser. None of your data is sent to or stored in the cloud.


Kiri:Moto is a compact, fast-loading page free of bloat. This is achieved by minimizing external package dependencies. With a few notable exceptions, most of the code-based is written entirely from-scratch.

Ease of Use

Creating an interface that is usable for new to advanced users can be a challenge. Kiri:Moto takes a strong editorial stance on complexity. Much of the software in the maker universe is riddled with parameters and controls that are duplicative and work at cross-purposes.

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